Laser Engraving Equipment

laser engraving systemLaser engraving technology is a non-contact process which removes material from the product being engraved. Often laser engravers leave a contrasting color from the original material. The picture on the right is a piece of wood that has been laser engraved. Notice the cranes and landscape turn darker than the blank piece of wood.

A variety of file types can be used with Kern's laser engraving machines. Most common image files are .JPEG, .TIF and .BMP. However, design software such as CorelDRAW can also be used to create vector image files. Sending files to the laser is a simple process that involves using Kern's custom laser printer driver. The resolution used to laser engrave will determine the quality of the finished artwork. Most applications require a resolution of between 150 - 600 DPI (dots per inch) while engraving.


Materials and Applications

The versatility of Kern's laser engraving equipment is achieved by using a CO2 laser source. The wavelength of this laser type will engrave a variety of materials such as natural stone, wood, plastic and metal. The video below features a large format laser engraving system processing black granite.


Metal can be marked and etched with a CO2 laser. Water based chemicals are available to coat the metal and will leave a semi-permanent mark where the laser beam has etched the surface of the metal. Metals that can be laser marked are aluminum, mild steel, stainless steel, chrome and brass. Anodized metal can be laser etched so that the anodized layer is removed, exposing the raw metal.


A Kern Large Format Laser Engraving System can be used for:

We welcome you to send us your material and CAD file for laser engraving test trials. Kern's application engineers will determine the engraving speed, power and time it takes to process your materials. We encourage you to visit our factory to see the laser engraving machine process your materials first hand. It is easy to get in contact with Kern, just fill out the form on the Contact Us page and a friendly sales associate will respond to you shortly.


Application at a Glance: UID and Asset Identification Labels

laser engraver plasticLasers are capable of creating permanent and durable label solutions for UID and asset identification applications. Anodized aluminum and engraving plastic are just two materials that can be etched quickly and accurately with a CO2 laser. Specialty materials that are resistant to abrasion, heat and outdoor exposure are also popular in outdoor, marine and corrosive environments. Kern's laser systems deliver an industrial laser engraving tool that will allow your business to bring more work in house.


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