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Sheet Metal Laser Cutter

metal laser cuttingKern's laser systems can be equipped with technology which allows for the successful cutting of light gauge sheet metal. Commonly cut metals include stainless steel, mild steel and aluminum.

The Automatic Focusing Height Follower developed by Kern Laser Systems is one of the key elements to successful metal cutting. An automatic sensor senses the capacitance from the tip of the isolated cutting nozzle to the metal being cut. This data is then fed into the Height Follower Controller. The gap between the metal being cut and the cutting nozzle can be adjusted until the desired gap is obtained. As the cutting process begins the height follower will track the contour of the metal and adjust the nozzle in the z axis keeping a constant focus point.

High pressure gas assist is injected into the optics assembly which allows the sheet metal to be pierced and results in a clean and smooth cut. A durable steel cutting bed is easily installed in sections. This specially designed cutting bed reduces the amount of surface contact with the metal being cut.

Advanced metal cutting features in Kern's KCAM Laser Software allows for complete control of the cutting process. Laser dwell delays can be set so that the laser pierces the metal before the motion of the cut begins. Multiple air gas settings can be set for the pierce, cut and jog between parts. Vector Path Control will automatically reduce the speed and laser power as the beam enters sharp corners and tight radiuses.

Kern's metal cutting lasers are designed to handle common sizes of sheet metal. A 4' x 8' or 5' x 10' sheet of metal will fit comfortably onto our largest cutting tables. Larger table sizes can be custom ordered to suit your applications specific needs.

clean smooth laser cut  
A gas assist through the metal cutting optics nozzle, is needed to pierce through the metal and allows for a clean, smooth cut edge. The use of oxygen or nitrogen allows many metals to be cut with a dross free edge, no deburring required. A lower piercing gas assist pressure can be set in the KCAM software to minimize the chance of pierce blowouts in thicker metals.

metal aluminum cutting laser  

Laser cutting is a non-contact process which eliminates the high costs of replacement die stamps and machine center re-tooling. Electrical and maintenance costs are minimal and will typically cost less than $2/hour. Kern's laser technicians will train your operators on how to most effectively use the metal cutting capabilities.

intricate laser kern cut  
With a laser beam cutting kerf of approximately .005" and a servo motor motion package, Kern's laser systems are capable of producing repetitive, precision cuts. The non-contact laser beam will ensure even the thinnest of metals are not damaged during the cutting process.

Shown below is a video of Kern's 150 watt HSE laser system equipped with the metal cutting option. The laser machine is cutting 1/8" diameter holes into 18 gauge mild steel.



Cutting Thickness Charts



Metal Type Assist Gas Metal Thickness
inches mm
Mild Steel oxygen .1875 4.8
Stainless Steel nitrogen .080 2
Stainless Steel oxygen .125 3
Aluminum oxygen .060 1.5
Brass oxygen .040 1



Metal Type Assist Gas Metal Thickness
inches mm
Mild Steel oxygen .125 3
Stainless Steel nitrogen .040 1
Stainless Steel oxygen .080 2
Aluminum oxygen .040 1
Brass oxygen .020 .5



Metal Type Assist Gas Metal Thickness
inches mm
Mild Steel oxygen .090 2.3
Stainless Steel oxygen .075 1.9

Other metals such as brass, titanium and nickel can be processed. However, we ask that you send in these metals to determine the machines capabilities.

Metal Etching Laser

Kern's lasers systems also have the ability to leave long lasting etches on a variety of metals. One of the most common applications for metal etching is serialization. Kern offers software that will automatically increment your tools or product numerically. There is no need to buy expensive marking sprays as our laser systems are able to create dark etchings, like the one pictured below.

steel marked kern laser

metal etching machine

Please contact us for metal samples or for more information about Kern's Metal Cutting and Etching Systems.