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Kern's new Z12 Monument Etching System offers the greatest amount of detail available in the monument etching industry. The strong solid steel frame and extra high gantry is designed to handle heavy stones up to 12" thick. A wrap around gantry and roller bed table makes loading and unloading of material quick and easy. The low profile table and pass through design allows for easier integration of existing conveyor systems. Urns and caskets can also be engraved with the Z12 model.

Increase your shop productivity with the ability to etch monuments at speeds up to 150 ips. For example, a square foot of etching on granite can be completed in less than 4 minutes!


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Vacuum Table for Urn and Casket Engraving

vacuum tableA vacuum table is available for cutting and engraving materials that give off fumes and debris. The lightweight aluminum table can be easily lifted onto the roller bed and locked into position. Two 4" ports at the back of the table remove the fumes and debris by venting them to the outside of your building or to a fume extractor.

The Z12 machine also has the ability to personalize wooden urns and caskets. Shown below you can see how images and various designs can be 3D engraved directly onto the surface of an urn adding a personalized touch. The urn photographs below were supplied by The Davis Whitehall Co.

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Laser Artwork Package

laser engraver rock stone marble graniteA Laser Artwork package is available from Scott Steckman of Steckman's Memorials Inc. Scott has15 year's experience in the monument laser industry. He is a fourth generation memorialist and also a leading graphics designer in the monument laser industry. Steckman's package includes high-quality laser designs featuring over 75 pieces of artwork, making it possible for even beginners to create professional looking memorials in no time.

Please visit our granite and marble showcase for additional pictures and details on etching natural stone.


 Air Assist (Pressurized Nozzle)  Yes
Table Type  Roller bed, Vacuum add-on available
 Vacuum Blower (2HP, about 1600 cfm)  230V
 *Work Area  52" x 25", 52" x 50", 52" x 100"
 System Footprint (W x L)  70" x 50", 70" x 75", 70" x 125"
 Table Work Height from Floor  26"
 System Weight  2000 - 4200 lbs.
 Table Accuracy  ±0.002"
 Repeatability  0.0005”
 Straightness  ±0.002"
 Engraving Speed  0 - 150"/Sec
 Laser Powers Available  30W, 50W, 100W, 150W, 200W, 250W and 400W
 Maximum Clearance for Material  12"
*Custom table sizes are available.  

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Ideal system for etching granite, marble, glass and engraving wood urns and caskets!



Dell Computer and LCD Monitor

Fume Exhaust and Vacuum Blower

Roller Bed for Easy Loading of Heavier Stones

CorelDRAW and KCAM Software

Accurate Servo Motors and Drives

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